We provide a full menu of services for authors to get their book into bookstores, and that includes everything from ghostwriting and editing, cover design, proofreading, registrations, to distribution and promotion. Some authors require more guidance than others, and we happily provide it.

While the author pays for our services for the subsidy imprints, we do pay royalties on sales via bookstores, the Internet, and other outlets. You, as the author, retain all rights to subsidy imprint books and can market it to a larger publishing house. Our royalties typically range from $4 to $5 per book. For direct sales, you may make as much as $10 per book because you can buy your book for about 66% off the retail price. Your initial order will contain 100 books but after that you can order any quantity, even just one!

We publish most of our titles using Print On Demand (POD) technology. All covers are full color and the interiors are black and white or color. We produce paperback and hardcover books in a variety of standard American and British sizes.


Our POD books are available in over 25,000 stores and all books are returnable. We give the usual discounts to distributors and booksellers who can place orders through the standard channels which include R.R. Bowker, Ingram, Baker & Taylor, Bertram in the UK, Brodart,,,, and our website at .

We also market your book to audio book companies and we’re proud to say that some of our authors’ books appear in some of the finest truck stops across America!

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