978-1-934335-116             Chuca                               David Olivas               $19.65
(Price includes $3.50 shipping and 8.25% Texas state sales tax.)

Chuca loves his family, but as the middle child, he gets lost in the shuffle. He desperately wants a good relationship with his father, but the man has little time or patience for Chuca. When Chuca begins to box, he discovers inner strength as well as physical strength he never knew he possessed.

Then Chuca meets the beautiful Olympia, and learns that with his new knowledge and strength comes the confidence to prove his worth to his father and to himself.


1-932196-95-1        Enduring Love             Wanda Dailey               $17.50
(Price includes $3.50 shipping and 8.25% Texas state sales tax.)

When Madie’s divorce was final, she treated herself to a trip to the Bahamas. She wasn’t looking for the love of her life, but she found it.

She wasn’t looking for a second man to love, but he found her. In turn, Madie found a nightmare.

Enduring Love tells the sad story of too many real, live women who endure controlling partners, abuse, and the theft of their person. Madie teaches all women an important lesson as she learns to rise above it to regain control of her life.

1-932196-88-9          East Texas Garden of Verses                                     $27.25
(Price includes $3.50 shipping and 8.25% Texas state sales tax.)
Carolyn Cochran, illustrations by Joe Tomlinson

Poet and author Carolyn Cochran allows her memories to lead her back to East Texas. In this wonderful and sensitive book, Carolyn takes readers by the hand and shows them the world of her childhood, where she, like all of us growing up, tried to learn about the world and make sense of it.

You don’t have to be from East Texas to relate. You only have to be human. And the tender color illustrations by Joe Tomlinson complete the pictures that Carolyn’s words have begun.

Step back into another place and time with Carolyn Cochran. Read, savor, and enjoy her latest offering, East Texas Garden of Verses.

1-932196-98-6      Effective Elder Caregiving                               $19.65
(Price includes $3.50 shipping and 8.25% Texas state sales tax.)
Barbara Rothschild Allen & Lauren Barrett    

Are you a:

    Primary caregiver for a family member who needs help?
    Parent of your own child assisting your aging parent?
    Spouse attempting to care for a beloved?
    Personal caregiver for an elderly person?
    Friend, relative, or neighbor of an aging senior?

This just might be the book you’re looking for.

Filled with information and tips, this little book can help you become the best, most efficient caregiver in your loved-one’s life. You can’t always do it all yourself, and you may not even know what to do. This book will help you discover options and put them into practice.

This is a real nuts and bolts approach to a growing need, and a complete guide to help fulfill the day-to-day needs of the aging person.

1-932196-79-X                    Daring Destiny             Emma Dell                 $19.65
(Price includes $3.50 shipping and 8.25% Texas state sales tax.)

    She ran away.
    She lived like a fugitive.
    She evaded capture.
    She made a new life for herself.

Born into an Amish community in Pennsylvania, Emma felt out of place from a very young age.

Some of the rules didn’t seem logical. Some of the practices didn’t make sense. And when she wanted to talk about her doubts, they said her thoughts came from the devil.

You will marvel at the strength of character and the courage this young woman called upon to escape an oppressive community, and make a new life for herself and her children.

1-932196-92-7    The Dragons of Candlewood          Ellen Newton Driscoll  $18.75
(Price includes $3.50 shipping and 8.25% Texas state sales tax.)

As children, magic and dragons lived in our imaginations. Most of us grew up and forgot about them. But author Ellen Newton-Driscoll hasn’t. And from that imagination has come a wonderfully magical book, The Dragons of Candlewood.

With personalities as different as night and day, you’ll take these dragons into your mind, and they will live in your heart for many years to come. Magic and dragons are real in Candlewood, and you can live there, when you read The Dragons of Candlewood.

1-932196-89-7   These Faces of Love  Margaret Anderegg      $17.50
(Price includes $3.50 shipping and 8.25% Texas state sales tax.)

Love resides in the hearts, and minds, and faces of people to whom we give ourselves. We give them little bits and pieces of ourselves and receive so much more in return.

Author Margaret Anderegg discovered this truth many years ago and set her thoughts down on paper with a loving hand. Her poetry will speak to you, and make you appreciate the love you have in your own life.


1-932196-86-2    Caduceus: A Physician’s Quest for Healing     Don Mannerberg   $17.50    (Price includes $3.50 shipping and 8.25% Texas state sales tax.)

Doctor Don takes Jungian psychology a step beyond theory—he applies it to his life. Integrating the science of medicine with psychology and mythology, he transforms his knee surgery into a quest for the Holy Grail. In his opus, Caduceus, he elucidates the symbolism of disease and the mystical nature of healing. With gifts of pure compassion and unique insight, he unveils the transformational tendencies of the human psyche.Jerry Casebolt, chiropractor, author, and poet.


1-932196-85-4  Benjamin Franklin: America’s Gift to the World   Dan Kalenak
(Price includes $3.50 shipping and 8.25% Texas state sales tax.)

Benjamin Franklin was arguably one of the world’s geniuses. From an early age, this uncommon commoner knew he was made for greater things. He left his home in Boston and traveled to Philadelphia where he grew into a scientist, inventor, statesman, musician, world traveler, and rock star.

Yep, rock star. Like today’s rock stars, people the world over knew Franklin’s face, his words, and his works. Celebrated everywhere for his contributions to a number of disciplines, Franklin still captures our imaginations and our psyches.

Benjamin Franklin: America’s Gift to the World, will introduce you to a new Franklin that you’ve never met before. Dan Kalenak has done a superb job of making the introductions and then leaving Franklin and reader to get better acquainted.


1-932196-82-X     Grandma Rides a Harley   Connie Wimberley     $27.25
(Price includes $3.50 shipping and 8.25% Texas state sales tax.)

Author Constance Wimberley has created a story that will capture your imagination, tickle your funny bone, and make you want to hug your own grandma. Illustrations by Connie Jones complete the magic.

This Grandma is not the kind of Grandma you’d expect. She has a Harley and she’s more than happy to use it to help her granddaughter out of a jam.

Share this lovely little book with a favorite little person in your life, and watch the smiles grow. (Illustrated with full color illustrations)


Insights into the Gospel of John

1-932196-83-8    What Was John Thinking? Insights into the Gospel of John
Bob Jamison    $17.50 
(Price includes $3.50 shipping and 8.25% Texas state sales tax.)

John, the Gospel writer. . .John, the beloved of Christ. . .John, the writer of Revelation. . .

We know him by many names, and he has profoundly influenced the course of Christianity through two millennia. The Gospel of John has been read, studied, and interpreted in many ways. Now author and retired minister, Bob Jamison, offers a fresh new approach for our century.

If ever you thought you knew all John had to say, think again. In this new book, What Was John Thinking?, Bob Jamison offers a new interpretation of John that speaks to our humanity as well as our spirituality.


1-932196-77-3    By My Nature     Bob Hatfield   $21.85
(Price includes $3.50 shipping and 8.25% Texas state sales tax.)

Take a measure of humor, add a cup of common sense, mix it all up with a heaping helping of Americana and you have the wonderful stories of Bob Hatfield. After you read By MyNature, you will have a whole new perspective on Mother Nature and where you fit into the grand tapestry of the Universe.

Definitely a fun book!


1-932196-75-7    Cold War Warrior     Will McDonald   $21.85
(Price includes $3.50 shipping and 8.25% Texas state sales tax.)

Cold War Warrior is an autobiographical account of a U.S. soldier’s experience in America’s cold war with the Soviets. While Will McDonald’s military career spanned from Korea to Vietnam, and he saw combat in both wars, he considers himself primarily a cold war warrior. 

McDonald entered the Army in 1951 as an idealistic private and left the military in 1971, a seasoned Lieutenant Colonel. This is an insider’s view of military life and the rich voice and humor of the author makes it a fascinating read, including, at one point, accounts of just how close the U.S. came to a nuclear confrontation with the Soviet Union. Cold War Warrior may make you cry, will definitely make you laugh, and will always keep your interest.








   Lest We Forget Why We Celebrate                  Dr. Joyce Teal   
(Price includes $3.50 shipping and 8.25% Texas state sales tax.)

50 poems & bios for Black History Month
   1-932196-74-9 casebound $25.10


50 poems & bios for Black History Month
   1-932197-57-9 paperback  $17.50


People shape the events that affect our lives. . .and the 20th century was a century of change.

Now, Dr. Joyce W. Teal, author of Cliford’s War and A.E.P. and other books, brings us a tribute to fifty people and events that have profoundly influenced our lives, our laws, and our culture.

    An instant source of 50 poems and mini-bios appropriate for use during: 

    • Black History Month
    • Programs
    • Pageants
    • Plays
    • History Classes
    • Presentations

    Read about: Booker T. Washington, Shirley Chilsolm, Thurgood Marshall, Barbara Jordan, Ray Charles, Muhammad Ali, and more.


1-932106-45-5            The Grand Entry     Dawn Compton    $17.50
(Price includes $3.50 shipping and 8.25% Texas state sales tax.)

Ashley loves the rodeo, the first event in particular—the Grand Entry. She wouldn’t miss it for the world. The wonderful parade of flags, people, and horses makes her feel special. And one beautiful lady on a strong, white horse, stands out above all the rest.

Come to the rodeo with Ashley, her Dad, and someone very wonderful who makes real magic happen for one little girl.

The Grand Entry is a great introduction to the rodeo, and a great way to take a memory home.  


1-932196-73-0   Leave ‘em Standing   Dawn Compton    $17.50
(Price includes $3.50 shipping and 8.25% Texas state sales tax.)

The second book in Dawn Compton’s Rodeo Series Sheridan loves the rodeo. Now that she’s old enough, she and her horse, Hollywood, take part in barrel racing. They get better at it all the time, but this time, they have to perform better than ever before. They have to place in order to go to the next round of competition.

But, oh no! Hollywood has a loose shoe! Sheridan soon learns a very important lesson about self-reliance and determination. Come to the rodeo with Sheridan and Hollywood.


     1-932196-72-2      Shar’s Story     Sharon Elrod     $17.50
(Price includes $3.50 shipping and 8.25% Texas state sales tax.)

Shar’s Story. . .a mother and daughter reunite. The touching story of love, heartache, and reunion. Shar’s Story opens doors to the heart and shares a story of love.

Sharon does a great service to all parents who have dealt with the loss of a child and the guilt and shame that they suffer as a result. Her insight into the need to share her story with family and friends helps to free her from the past and begin anew. Her sensitivity to the issue of adoption and not trying to replace the role of the adoptive parents will be especially helpful to those parents and professionals who read this book.

      It has been a joy to share in the journey that Sharon has started and her willingness to share with those whose lives have been touched by adoption. --Tom Lazio, CEO, American HomeFinding Association, Ottumwa, Iowa


1-932196-70-6    Are We Russian Children Now?     Rosemarie Mueller     $17.50
(Price includes $3.50 shipping and 8.25% Texas state sales tax.)

War creates many innocent victims, the most heart-wrenching are the children. With no understanding of adult politics, they bear the brunt of the deprivation, destruction, and death.

Are We Russian Children Now? by Rosemarie Mueller, takes the reader on a journey through time and space, to World War II Germany. See the war through the eyes of a child. Feel her fear, her hunger, her loss.


     Operation Okinawa Exile     Fred Webster 
(Price includes $3.50 shipping and 8.25% Texas state sales tax.)

   1-932196-69-2  $35.90 (hardbackwith jacket)


   1-932196-66-8  $25.10 (paperback)


The 50th General Depot, Quartermaster Corps, Army of the United States, was secluded to support the projected invasion of the Japanese mainland. Even as the Depot’s headquarters unit was setting up shop on Okinawa, Japan surrendered, thus ending World War II.

Feeling abandoned on a war-ravaged island with little to do except sustain themselves, the men of the administrative section set about to combat boredom as best they could.

This narrative recounts the adventures and misadventures of a squad of twelve men of diverse background and interests during the months of “exile.” Resentment festers, relationships are strained, and suppressed hopes and dreams brak through a thin crust of daily routine.

The setting of this narrative is authentic, the characters fictionalized--but barely--and the action only slightly embellished.


1-932196-27-7    When the Music Stopped       Mike Wright     $17.50
(Price includes $3.50 shipping and 8.25% Texas state sales tax.)


1-932196-28-5    The Cloud Circus     Gladys Hume    $17.50
(Price includes $3.50 shipping and 8.25% Texas state sales tax.)

Gladys Gooch Hume has given the marvelous gift of imagination, caring, and miracles. A wonderful book for adults to read to young children, and to rediscover the child within themselves.

Share The Cloud Circus with someone you love.



1-932196-29-3    Texas Echoes     Evanell Davis          $17.50
(Price includes $3.50 shipping and 8.25% Texas state sales tax.)


1-932196-30-7    Texas Rattlesnake Hunting     Cliff Etheredge     $17.50
(Price includes $3.50 shipping and 8.25% Texas state sales tax.)


1-932196-33-1    Strength Sufficient for the Day   Pat Capps Mehaffey   $21.85
(Price includes $3.50 shipping and 8.25% Texas state sales tax.)

Anyone who searches for it, will find the spiritual strength needed to face any crisis. God hears every prayer, each one offered during the course of the day and night, the quick pleas for help and the beautiful, formal petitions.

He considers no anxiety or pain too trivial for prayer. He considers no need too small. He is our Father and wishes every good thing for us. For spiritual well being, we must consult God about every aspect of life.

The events described and the scriptures quoted will provide comfort, understanding, peace, and the certain knowledge that everyone may receive the gift of Strength Sufficient for the Day.


1-932196-36-6  Guts, Guns, and Gumption on the Texas Colorado Ray Bronk
(Price includes $3.50 shipping and 8.25% Texas state sales tax.)


1-9700615-9-550      Secrets of Writing for Magazines     Ray Bronk  $17.50
(Price includes $3.50 shipping and 8.25% Texas state sales tax.)


1-932196-37-4  The Backpack Cat Marcia Bennett
(Price includes $3.50 shipping and 8.25% Texas state sales tax.)

   1-932196-50-1 (paperback)  $14.25


   1-932196-37-4 (casebound) $17.50


Daniel finds himself dreading the upcoming summer. First, because his mother has deserted his family and second because he is being sent across the country to visit a grandmother he doesn’t even know. Yuck!

But Daniel doesn’t count on his grandmother being cool, or on sharing some wonderful adventures with her and her ugly cat—Feogato.

Bring a bit of summer fun into your life at any time during the year with Daniel, Gram, and Feogato—The Backpack Cat— in the enchanted city of Corpus Christi, Texas.


1-932196-38-2    An American Chef’s Dream       Tom Ciapi     $17.50
(Price includes $3.50 shipping and 8.25% Texas state sales tax.)

Tom Ciapi became a certified executive Chef and Culinary Educator. He learned about food, and the hospitality industry, but he learned more about life. Now it’s time to take a page from Tom’s book, to share what this author has learned, and apply those lessons to our lives.

Don’t just dream of a better, fuller life, live it.



1-932196-39-0      Praise at Midnight     Martha McCabe  $19.70
(Price includes $3.50 shipping and 8.25% Texas state sales tax.)

Writer and lawyer Martha McCabe migrated from New England and upstate New York to Texas thirty years ago to practice Civil Rights Law in deep East Texas, the setting for this debut novel.




1-932196-40-4      Feast of Famine     Edith Wright       $17.50
(Price includes $3.50 shipping and 8.25% Texas state sales tax.)

Bulimia ruled every aspect of her being, until she found the strength to take back control of her life. Love and friendship showed her the way. Character and faith gave her the strength to follow the path.

    I couldn’t put the manuscript down.--Martha Harkin, Licensed Professional Counselor

    As a former anorexic, Feast of Famine was a fascinating, scary ride that hit me very close to home.--Cathy Allen

    If you know anyone who you suspect of an eating disorder, give them this book! . . .No preaching, no psychobabble, just plain common sense and good advice.--James Maxwell, Licensed Professional Counselor

1-932196-41-2    No Need     Jerry Robins        $18.75
(Price includes $3.50 shipping and 8.25% Texas state sales tax.)

Meet the unforgettable characters created by novelist Jerry Robins. A.M. Benton, Preacher, Mamma, Stroman, Chui, and the unforgettable Rita all work together in a perfect cast to solve a mystery that continues into the next installment. This is one novel you won’t be able to put down.

Murder, mayhem and chaos came out of Vietnam and spread to the streets of Austin, Texas. No Need gives you just enough answers to ask more questions and keep you wanting more. The answers will come in the second volume of No Need.


1-932196-55-2      No Need 2       Jerry Robins      $18.75
(Price includes $3.50 shipping and 8.25% Texas state sales tax.)

They’re back! Continue the adventure you began in No Need. No Need 2 will take you on a roller coaster ride of drugs, guns, and emotion.  A.M. Benton, Preacher, Mamma, Stroman, Chui, and the unforgettable Rita are back in all their magnificent glory. If you read the first volume, you won’t want to miss the dramatic conclusion.

From the chaos and destruction of Vietnam to the streets of Austin, Texas, No Need 2 answers the questions you had from volume one. And when you’re done, you’ll look forward to the next exciting adventure from Jerry Robins.


1-932196-44-7    Love is the Healer   Susan Gobin    $17.50
(Price includes $3.50 shipping and 8.25% Texas state sales tax.)

Lessons in life often come to us through our experiences with death. In this lovely, touching book, Susan Gobin has opened her heart and soul to share the experience of her father’s death and the love she found in him, in her family, and in her God.

Death touches all of us. Love helps us to find the blessings within the grief.




1-932196-46-3      The King’s Court     Wendolynn Allen      $17.50
(Price includes $3.50 shipping and 8.25% Texas state sales tax.)

As we watch our courts and legislatures around the country grapple with the definition of marriage, The King’s Court by Wendolynn L. Allen comes to us with insight, common sense, and God-centered answers. The King’s Court guides America back to the origin of marriage and reveals a truth that has been hidden for many generations.

Published poet, Wendolynn L. Allen makes her debut as an author for the new century with this thought-provoking book concerning familiar scriptures. The King’s Court will encourage every man and woman as they search for that special someone in their lives.  If you’ve been looking for that special someone, you can’t afford to pass this one by. Read it and take it to heart to find the happiness in your life.

1-932196-51-X        Jumping Lizard Tails       Jean Kiker       $17.50
(Price includes $3.50 shipping and 8.25% Texas state sales tax.)

Take equal parts fun, fantasy, and feeling, and you have the winning recipe for Jumping Lizard Tails.

Created by the late Jean Curtis Kiker, Jumping Lizard Tails is a treat for children of all ages.

Jumping Lizard Tails is a book written on two levels Children will love the characters and the humor. Adults will recognize the satire. This is definitely a book for fun.


0-9717868-0-1      The Short and Tall of It     Donna Lancaster       $17.50
(Price includes $3.50 shipping and 8.25% Texas state sales tax.)

The DNA lottery handed Donna Lancaster a whole armful of lemons at birth, and Donna handed them right back.

Her parents finally got the little girl they’d been dreaming of and hoping for—just not this little girl. What they got was a little girl whose spirit, intellect, wit and charm exceeded everyone’s imagination.

Donna Lancaster has achieved more in her life than most, and has had the satisfaction of knowing that she has triumphed. A truly inspiring story.

   Do Butterflies Carry Spare Parts?     Sarah Bryce
(Price includes $3.50 shipping and 8.25% Texas state sales tax.)

   0-9713832-0-0 (hardback) $18.75


   0-9713832-1-9 (paperback) $14.25


He had everything going for him: excellent health, loving parents, a classic home in a lovely neighborhood, the prospect of private schools in America and England like his brothers. But something went awry.

Malcolm changed. He was different. He had trouble climbing stairs, couldn’t catch a ball, nor ride a bike. His words tumbled out too fast to be understood. His temper matched his beautiful auburn hair.

This book recounts Malcolm’s determined journey to become the person he expected himself to be…and the miraculous developmental therapy he used to grow into a trim, buoyant teenager. Then in jarring succession, his ultimate fate overtook him and startling apparitions followed. Experience it all when you read Do Butterflies Carry Spare Parts? You will always remember Malcolm and his heroic mother who wrote this, his book.


0-9713832-5-1  A World of Respect: A Guide to Making it Happen
Susanne Slay-Westbrook $25.10
(Price includes $3.50 shipping and 8.25% Texas state sales tax.)

In each facet of our lives, from the most intimate to the most vast, it is fundamentally important to acknowledge and maintain respectful attitudes and behaviors, if we expect to see our children and future generations move forward successfully through this century and those to come.

Five basic principles related to the concept of respect are intertwined throughout this book. Respect is:

    • the "I-Thou" relationship, love in its highest, purest, most effective form.
    • freely given, based in positive regard.
    • seeing the best in others rather than the worst.
    • the active ingredient at the core of an individual’s being.
    • a basic, pivotal component for a functional society systems.

This new, thought provoking, book emphasizes the urgent need to recapture the art of respect in our daily lives, and gives solid tools to use to make this happen. The word “respect” is clearly applied to a variety of social spheres, beginning at the most intimate place, the self, then into relationships, the community and finally, reaching out to the larger world. In every aspect and application, the author draws on specific examples of disrespectful behavior and shows ways to move toward more positive and productive respect. A World of Respect could change your life as well as the world around you. 


0-9717868-1-X    Kenyan Quest     Jack Rosshirt      $17.50
(Price includes $3.50 shipping and 8.25% Texas state sales tax.)

Jack Rosshirt has written a book that will take you into the African interior to uncover a secret that has been begging for discovery for more than half a century.

A retired American oil executive, an Italian, a WWII concentration camp guard, a reformed IRA terrorist-turned nun, and an Austrian neo-Nazi all sit down for dinner at a Catholic medical mission in the Chalbi desert in northern Kenya. How they each came to be there, why, and the deadly results is the intriguing story of Kenyan Quest.

Jack Rosshirt draws on his experience as an oil industry attorney, negotiator and businessman in over sixty countries and resident of four continents. He takes us from Houston to Vienna and Nairobi and into the desert of northern Kenya in a tale of mystery, greed, deception and conspiracy. Set in a background of real events, Kenyan Quest will keep you turning the pages and start you looking for Rosshirt’s next book.

    An intricate, intriguing mystery with a likeable hero and an exotic location—everything a reader could want.--Melissa Gaskill, Author of Swift Water

    I am a fan of John LeCarre and I had just finished his book The Constant Gardener set in Kenya, when I was given a copy of Kenyan Quest. I enjoyed the story and felt that a reader will find that this first-time author has a bit of LeCarre in him.--Jim Burson


Aileena’s Medallion       Mae Brise
(Price includes $3.50 shipping and 8.25% Texas state sales tax.)

   1-932196-64-1 $32.65 (hardback with jacket)


   1-932196-42-0 (paperback) $18.75


Lose yourself in a land of magic and elves, a land that captivated your imagination in childhood. Now give it an adult point of view and you have Aileena’s Medallion.

Created by author Mae Brise, Aileena’s Medallion will spark a new love for fantasy and imagination.

Aileena’s Medallion is the first in a series of fantasy novels that will have you turning the pages, anticipating the next adventure. Mae Brise has burst onto the scene and will surely make a name for herself among the greats of fantasy literature.


1-932196-63-3    Pilgrimage: The Course of Life on Earth   Jessie Mercer    $17.50
(Price includes $3.50 shipping and 8.25% Texas state sales tax.)

Life takes all sorts of strange twists and turns along the way. The weak person accepts them without question. The person of character and faith will take control of the situation and act. Jessie Mercer is truly an inspiration to anyone who wishes to take control and emerge victorious.



1-932196-60-9    Julie’s Story     Edith Costa             $21.85
(Price includes $3.50 shipping and 8.25% Texas state sales tax.)

What more could anyone ask for in a great novel?

Read this wonderfully sensitive story of a young woman and the strength she finds within herself to survive.

Written with love and understanding for the human spirit, Julie’s Story is a wonderful novel to give as a gift to someone you love, or to yourself. So settle into your favorite reading spot. Get comfortable. Open this book, and begin to read. You won’t be able to put it down until you’re done.

1-932196-59-5    A Field of Pansies   Pansy Frazier    $21.85
(Price includes $3.50 shipping and 8.25% Texas state sales tax.)

Pansy Frazier grew up with a sense of family, love of country, and faith in God. These were the lessons she passed on to her own children. And as she flourishes into her 90s, this remarkable woman continues to write and teach new lessons to those she loves.

Share a bit of her love and knowledge in this wonderful, memorable book. . . A Field of Pansies.


1-932196-58-7  Remembering the Early Years Helen Nardecchia $21.85
(Price includes $3.50 shipping and 8.25% Texas state sales tax.)

Remembering the Early Years chronicles actual events and challenges of a family struggling to build a life. Augustine Eiler, born in a southern family and the youngest of five sisters and one brother meets tragedies and triumphs head on.

The unhurried atmosphere of New Orleans and the rapid action of Chicago depict a story readers will enjoy and remember for years to come. Augustine's love for a man strong in dignity, religion, and morals is tested beyond reason, causing her to find avenues of change that bring her to a healing offered by a new acquaintance. Children are raised, families are formed and lives blended as a result of this new acquaintance.

A wonderful read that will broaden your understanding of individuals who endure for the sake of love and loyalty to one another.


0-9700615-6-0    Sophie and Ben     Helen Nardecchia    $17.50
(Price includes $3.50 shipping and 8.25% Texas state sales tax.)

Sophie and Ben is the real life story of two young people who met, fell in love, and built a life together. Author Helen Nardecchia has taken Sophie’s words and added her unique voice to bring this story to life. While Sophie and Ben tells one family’s story, it portrays the ups and downs, the tragedies and triumphs we all experience.

Sophie, the woman who sprang from the headstrong 14-year-old girl in the book, still lives in her own home in Austin, Texas and at 92 still loves her life and her family. Over the years, she has told the story of her life to her family and her daughter-in-law, author Helen Nardecchia, who has put her story into a book for posterity.

Readers who know Sophie will recognize her within the pages of this book. Those who don’t know this marvelous woman, will wish they did.

Look at other memoirs, then buy this one as a gift for yourself or for those you love. They will thank you for it.


1-932196-02-1    Dreamdancing with Ancestors   Barbara Carr     $25.10
(Price includes $3.50 shipping and 8.25% Texas state sales tax.)

    Barbara Youngblood Carr's newest book of poetry and reminiscences Dreamdancing With Ancestors sparkles with lines as clear as spring rain in a Ouachita creek. . . .Carr's is the perfect recipe for those of us old enough to remember an America more rural than urban, more optimistic than ironic and for those of us young enough to believe in the magic of dreams and the promise of memories that will never end.--Ric Williams, “Litera,” The Austin Chronicle

    Open this book to different sections and you will find a treasure trove of remarkable variety—priceless old family photos and daguerreotypes with reminiscences both plainspoken and soaringly evocative . . . The spiritual connection is unmistakable, the poetic voice is strong and clear, and this volume should prove a treasure to anyone who has ever opened a dusty trunk found in grandma's attic or tried to trace a family tree. --Robert Clark, President, Houston Poetry Fest, Host, First Friday Poetry Reading Series

    Let it be known that the “Texas Tornado Poet,” Barbara Youngblood Carr, has invaded the traditionally male-dominated literary form, folklore, thought to be the private domain of the John Henry Faulk's, the J. Frank Dobie's, the J. Mason Brewer's and a few others. . .a master of idiom. . . Carr's book is a wholesome addition to the home library. . . Carr is a woman for all seasons. . .the keeper of dreams, the preserver of the word, the creator of a new heritage.--Marvin G. Kimbrough, Ph.D., Professor Emerita, Huston-Tillotson College

You can read these comments and others in their entirety at the front of this book.


1-932196-06-4      The Jungle Two Bruce Britain    $21.85
(Price includes $3.50 shipping and 8.25% Texas state sales tax.)

Poe and Bonnie Boyd  just want a piece of the American dream. They’re a young couple willing to work hard, sacrifice, and save their money for a chance at a family and a happy life together. However, Poe’s sudden illness may put all their dreams on hold.

Take the journey with Poe and Bonnie as they discover the cause of Poe’s illness. Join with them in their struggle for justice. Stand with them as they take on big industry and big insurance and fight against the odds to make their dreams come true.

Although The Jungle Two is a novel, Bruce Britain has drawn on his years of experience as a patient advocate and the all too familiar facts of dealing with big money. You will very quickly see a little of yourself in Poe because he is − Everyman.


1-932196-07-2    Solomon’s Men   Glenn Starkey                  $17.50
(Price includes $3.50 shipping and 8.25% Texas state sales tax.)

Greg Valdez operates just the other side of the line as a thief for private collectors.  He’s known as the best in the business. You name it, he’s stolen it—from jewels to fine art.  Now his mission takes him to an ancient monastery in Portugal to steal a priceless artifact—a Crusader’s pouch—from within the altar. But the artifact become the ransom for his loved ones and the focus of team of mercenaries.

Centuries-old oaths and traditions come into play as modern day Templar Knights launch an international search for the thief and the pouch which conceals the true burial Shroud of Jesus.

Glenn Starkey has written a book that will put you on the edge of your seat and keep you there. A real thriller in the tradition of the genre, Solomon’s Men will take you on a roller coaster ride you’ll wish would never end. You’ll be asking yourself when Starkey’s next book will hit the stands.

1-932196-10-2  The Most Important Conversation is the One You’re Not Having
Susan Greene       $18.60
(Price includes $3.50 shipping and 8.25% Texas state sales tax.)

Susan E. Greene’s exciting and popular book, The Most Important Conversation Is the One You’re Not Having, teaches you how to talk to someone when you’re irritated, angry or hurt.

Greene’s conversational style makes for an easy read and the intimate stories show how others have used her tools to gain control, power, and deal with troubling issues.

    Learn how to:

    • handle difficult conversations
    • manage your anger
    • avoid offending people
    • come to terms with fear
    • discover your underlying problems
    • stop the critical self-talk and find peace of mind
    • parent your children in a happier, healthier way

PBS Houston Public Television calls Susan E. Greene the “Communications Expert.” with 17 years experience consulting with Fortune 100 corporations and having coached over 600 CEOs internationally, Greene knows how to help people get unstuck, and she can help you.

    Congratulations on creating a gift that I know will be helpful and meaningful. The wonderful content fuels conversation and change that will bless many.-- Reverend Howard Caesar, Unity Church of Christianity


1-932196-13-7      The Third Dawn           Thomas J. Nichols                  $18.75
(Price includes $3.50 shipping and 8.25% Texas state sales tax.)

The Third Dawn takes readers on a biblical journey in the company of Jesus of Nazareth. Told through the eyes of the Savior’s lifelong companion, Nur, the novel begins shortly before the birth of the Messiah and follows the life of Jesus until His death and Resurrection. This never before told story concludes with a breathtaking narrative of the death of Mary, the mother of the Son of God.

Prepare yourself through a wondrous and spiritual journey through The Third Dawn. Take this rare opportunity to see the Son of God living the joys and hardship of childhood, adolescence and young adulthood. See him come into the realization of His being and His destiny. Humbly watch the moment when he becomes the Savior, the Jesus of Nazareth who began His mission at the wedding at Cana.

1-932196-15-3  Butterflies and Buckaroos Jerry Casebolt & Pamela Casebolt
(Price includes $3.50 shipping and 8.25% Texas state sales tax.)

Travel with Jerry and Pamela Casebolt as they share the intimate secrets of their souls, and in the process, send you on your own quest for self-knowledge.

Butterflies and Buckaroos is but two journeyers’ humble search for the symbols and metaphors that best represent the work done in addressing some of those questions. Maybe, just maybe, some of these poems and songs will be helpful to some lonely, questing soul out there who needs a little different understanding, a friendly word of encouragement, and the words that impart the feeling that they may not be alone in their struggles and challenges answering life’s important questions.

    Pam and I have learned to observe and respect intuition; that place in the mind where thoughts spontaneously well up from some inexhaustible spring of knowing. We wrote down these poems and stories that reflect a few moments of our daily living, that stream of consciousness, and our continuous quest for knowledge and growth.--Jerry Casebolt


1-932196-16-1  Mother Nature Ain’t Nobody’s Mom Lloyd Mardis   $27.25
(Price includes $3.50 shipping and 8.25% Texas state sales tax.)

    We’ve been patiently waiting for this book for several years, and now it’s here. No more picking through old issues of Cycling News for Mardis’ unique accounts of his post-retirement adventures across the American landscape by bicycle. In his latest book, Mardis recalls the subjects of those articles and much more. His stories are also an inspiration for anyone reaching that ‘retirement age’ and looking for new adventures.--Fred Meredith, Editor, Southwest Cycling News

    Lloyd Mardis lives the life others only dream about. Always searching, always curious, he has the courage to go wherever his spirit wills him to go–in this book, Texas, always on a bicycle, usually camping under the stars. With all those miles can come some hard won wisdom. I don’t know many people who have more interesting things to say than this man who has spent a lifetime on the road less traveled and savored every minute of it.--David Marion Wilkinson, Award-winning author of Oblivion’s Altar and Not Between Brothers


1-932196-17-X    RX for Your Writing Ills       Joan Hall     $19.65
(Price includes $3.50 shipping and 8.25% Texas state sales tax.)

    I’ve enjoyed reading through it; I can see why your students have found it so valuable.--David Borcherding, Editor, Writer’s Digest Books

    Joan’s editing instruction is the equivalent to two years college fiction-writing.
    Frederick Williams, author of The Nomination

          Joan’s critiquing was invaluable in helping me see what my story needed to keep it moving. Her suggestions were clear and concise, never condescending. She told me what I’d done well, which is tonic to a novice writer. --Cindy Wiegand author of Shin Bone

          The author’s humor with words and cartoons, combined with her teaching skills, helps us to understand what we should and shouldn’t do, along with the form to do it in. . .also a pleasant reminder to those who have been writing for a long time. . . . If you are wondering what book to buy. . .I would suggest Joan Upton Hall’s Rx for Your Writing Ills.
                 --Elizabeth Klungness, Editor, Writers News

          Rx for Your Writing Ills is easily the best book of its kind on the market. Joan Hall knows her stuff and makes it easy to understand.
          --Flann Foster, author of Satan’s Banker


1-932196-18-8      The Hand   Oleg Dergachov         $17.50
(Price includes $3.50 shipping and 8.25% Texas state sales tax.)

Well-known and internationally acclaimed artist Oleg Dergachov, brings his wit and wisdom of The Hand to the United States. We can all relate to the phantom-like hand that controls the System and our fate. Insightful and mischievous like its author, you will recognize that The Hand transcends language, culture and nationality. Sit back and enjoy Oleg Dergachov’s American debut!



1-932196-20-X    The Red Silk Thread     Darrel White      $17.50
(Price includes $3.50 shipping and 8.25% Texas state sales tax.)

As if growing up, and dealing with bullies weren’t enough, cupid lets his arrow fly and scores a bulls-eye when he targets tenyear-old Darrell West. Friends at first, he soon falls in love with beautiful and exotic Miyu, a young girl visiting from Japan. Parents, grandparents, and friends object because of the culture clash and conspire to keep them apart. Even though Darrell and Miyu pledge their love for one another, they both have a lot to learn about life and love before they can ever be together.

Darrell White has studied Karate and Akido and has used that knowledge in the creation of The Red Silk Thread. Add to that the delicate art of Brenda Young and you have a story sure to win the hearts of readers of all ages.

      A great coming of age novel, a great love story, a great read.--Joan R. Neubauer, The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Journaling

1-932196-21-8      Tiger Tails   Kendall Kinney     $17.50
(Price includes $3.50 shipping and 8.25% Texas state sales tax.)

Oh my! Don’t let a day go by without a great story of lions and tigers and bears. Tiger Tails will make for some very enjoyable times with your favorite child. Come on a journey begun long ago when author, Kendall Kinney spun these marvelous tales for his children and share them with those you love.




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