At Special Delivery Books we view ourselves as an author incubator. We develop authors by teaching them promotional skills, how to approach editors, improving their writing skills and teaching about the industry in general. We like to work with authors who will energetically market themselves and their books and we strive to provide the tools and knowledge to help them succeed and sell.

Our background and knowledge comes from first-hand successful experiences with self-publishing and royalty contracts with small and major publishing houses. We learned a lot during this twenty-year journey and we’ve helped over 200 authors along this path.

We have a very good and growing reputation. Though all our authors have the option of approaching larger houses once they have published, many have chosen to stay with us and are coming back to us to publish their second and third books because of their satisfying emotional and financial experience.

Special Delivery Books is more than a print house and more than a publisher. We’re an author incubator that works to create and maintain relationships.


Want to talk about writing, books, and publishing?

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